The aim of Hacettepe University is to train enlightened, research-minded, and scientifically-oriented people of integrity and good character. By reaching the overall aim, the members of this institution will utilize this outcome for the benefit of the country and society. Hacettepe University is guided by Atatürk’s maxim, “to reach the level of contemporary civilization.”

The Faculty of Medicine has a rightly earned reputation for being not only a leader in medical studies, but also national and international research and publication according to the statistics of TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey). The Faculty ranks as the first in Turkey in internationally cited publications. Moreover, the graduates of the Faculty have the highest scores in TUS (The Central Examination for field of Specialisation in Medicine in Turkey)


The aim of this faculty is to provide a mission and a vision to individuals to become self-determined and self-motivated, and to attain problem-solving capabilities based on knowledge and experiments. Individuals are expected to become hardworking and adhere to the principles of medicine. In addition, physicians are expected to serve the best interests of their country and humanity with a sincere attitude, and to act responsibly towards their patients. Physicians are to promote opportunities for developing higher standards of science and service to the community.