Hacettepe University Medical School began with the establishment of The Child Health Department affiliated with Ankara University Medical School on February 2, 1954.

Hacettepe University Child Health Institute and Hospital started serving in 1957, and started to serve the community officially in 1958 along with education and research in medicine. School of Health Sciences was established in 1961, including Nursing, Medical Technology, and Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation.

In 1962 the Department of Home Economics was established, encompassing the above sections administered under the authority of the Medical School, in addition to Hacettepe University Faculty of Dentistry.

In 1965 Hacettepe University Science Center was established in order to coordinate the already existing educational institutes. In 1966 Hacettepe Medical Center was created and the same year, Hacettepe University Hospitals started serving the public. According to Act No.892, on July 8, 1967, Hacettepe University was officially founded, including the Faculties of Medicine Health Sciences, Science and Social Sciences. In 1971 the Faculties of Dentistry and Pharmacy were established. In the following years, new faculties and departments were created and a second campus, Beytepe 17 km from the central campus, was opened.

According to Act No.2547, announced in 1982 ( Higher Education Act), Hacettepe University serves with the institutions of 16 faculties, 9 schools, 1 school of art, 14 institutes, and 105 research centers.

The previously-mentioned overall aim clearly states that Hacettepe University takes into account the foundations of science, art, culture, and technology for the benefit of Turkish society and for becoming an esteemed partner of the contemporary, creative, global community.

In addition, Hacettepe University aims to achieve high standards in research, and to produce information and technology that socially and economically benefits society. Hacettepe University is the leader in publications of Turkish origin in the International SCI and SSCI indexes. This fact is proof of Hacettepe University’s achievement of its goals.

Professor İhsan Doğramacı, the founder and the honorary president of Hacettepe University, served as the first Dean of The Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine (July 15, 1963-November 4, 1963) In chronological order the Deans who later served were :

Prof. Doğan Karan, MD (7 November 1963 - 9 July 1969)
Prof. İlhan Kerse, MD (9 July 1969 - 3 July 1971)
Prof. Ali Ertuğrul, MD (3 July 1971 - 3 July 1975)
Prof. Neşet Aytan, MD (3 July 1975 -3 July 1978)
Prof. Akgün Hiçsönmez, MD (3 July 1978 - 3 July 1981)
Prof. Doğan Taner, MD (31 July 1981 - 2 September 1991)
Prof. Şevket Ruacan, MD (2 September 1991 - 4 September 1994)
Prof. Ergül Tunçbilek, MD (5 September 1994 - 31 January 1996)
Prof. Yavuz Renda, MD (1 February 1996 – 26 October 1999)
Prof. İskender Sayek, MD (21 December 1999- 3 July 2006)
Prof. Serhat Ünal, MD (3 July 2006 -7 September 2010)
Prof. Sarp Saraç, MD      (8 November 2010 - 19 December 2010)
Prof. Serhat Ünal, MD     (20 December 2010 - 18 January 2011)
Prof. Elif N.Özmert, MD (19 January 2011 - 4 February 2011)
Prof. Sarp Saraç, MD (4 February 2011 - 11 January 2012)
Prof. Elif N.Özmert, MD (12 January 2012 - 7 March 2012)
Prof. Bülent Sivri, MD (7 March 2012 - 2 March 2016)
Prof. Çağatay Güler, MD (2 March 2016 - 21 June 2016)
Prof. Bülent ALTUN, MD (21 June 2016- 4 May 2021)

Professor Mehmet Deniz DEMİRYÜREK is currently serving as the Dean of Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine.